When to Bring Your New Pet to the Pet Clinic

When to Bring Your New Pet to the Pet Clinic

Whether it is a dog, a bunny, or a cat, there are many factors to take into consideration before bringing a new pet home. Aside from daily necessities such as food and grooming tools, new pet owners must equip themselves with the knowledge about their pet’s health in order to provide them with a happy and healthy life.


If you are getting a new pet, the wellbeing of the pet should be your top priority from the moment it meets you. One of the first things to do upon bringing your pet home is to schedule a vet appointment, even if it has seen a veterinarian before, or even if your pet came from a reputable breeder. It is advisable to have a trusted veterinarian conduct a wellness check for your pet. The initial visit is also an excellent opportunity to help your pet develop positive associations with vet visits so that they are accustomed to the pet clinic in the future.


The first visit to the pet clinic should ideally be within one to two weeks of them coming home. Your pet should be adjusted to the new surroundings before bringing them to the vet, as it is common for pets to experience gastrointestinal upset when they begin a new life in a new environment. This could be due to stress or a change in diet. Bringing them in only after they have begun to adjust to their new home allows you to provide more accurate information about your pet’s personality and behaviour to the veterinarian, resulting in a more precise diagnosis.


What to Expect at Your Pet’s First Visit

Pet Clinic Singapore What to Expect at Your Pet’s First Visit

The primary visit to the pet clinic is a crucial session for your veterinarian to get to know your pet’s medical history. Medical history is often a crucial step in evaluating your pet’s wellness. Information gathered by doing a thorough medical history can pinpoint if your pet has been fully vaccinated and/or needs additional vaccinations or deworming. Additionally, alerting you to any pre-existing medical conditions, check for parasites, and provide tips on how to best care for your pet. 


Before heading to the pet clinic for the appointment, prepare medical documents such as the record of vaccinations, dewormings, microchip number, and the current brand of food consumed. More importantly, keep an eye on your pet during the first few days with you and report any unusual behaviour to your veterinarian. Behaviours such as scratching of the ears, shaking of the head, the form and colour of stool and urine, reaction to certain foods or activities, etc. These are potentially signs of a medical condition, e.g. scratching the ears could indicate an ear infection. 


Important Questions to Ask Your Vet


  1. The type of diet recommended for your pet
  2. The amount of food and types of food suitable for your pet at each stage of its development
  3. Vaccine and deworming schedules
  4. When should you spay/neuter your pet
  5. What type of parasite should you prevent against and how?
  6. Health issues to take note of and prevention methods


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