Our dental hygiene services, including dental scaling for dogs, are performed using the IM3 GS Deluxe, providing a thorough scaling of the teeth. Plaque and tartar accumulated will be removed and scaled with any decayed teeth removed during the process of dental scaling for dogs. As the procedure requires us to scale both the exterior and interior parts of the teeth, anaesthesia would be required to prevent them from injuring themselves while the procedure is performed.


Bring your fur babies to us at My Family Vet Clinic and Surgery for thorough dental scaling for dogs and ensure healthy gums and teeth while your beloved pet grows.

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Estimated Total does NOT include tooth extraction or any other treatment

  • Tooth extraction (Simple): $25 per tooth
  • Tooth extraction (Complex): $35-50 per tooth
  • A pre-anaesthetic consultation ($25) must be done prior to the dental procedure.

The Importance of Dental Scaling for Dogs

Is dog dental scaling really required? Definitely, yes! Just like humans, dogs can get plaque and tartar on their teeth. Food scraps and bacteria combine to generate this tartar and plaque. Inflammation of the gums brought on by the bacteria is known as gingivitis can also occur in dogs. As the bacteria proliferate, they infect the gum tissue surrounding the teeth, leading to periodontal disease and ultimately tooth loss.


Regular brushing of your pet’s teeth and dental treats are the greatest ways to avoid dental disease. Additionally important is routine dental cleaning, often known as dental scaling for dogs. Here are some of its benefits:

  • Dental scaling for dogs can remove tartar buildup and remove foul odour
  • It can prevent tooth decay and tooth loss
  • It can make the gums healthier