My Family Vet Clinic was established at Bukit Batok in 2012. Dr Vanessa Lin, our Veterinarian, has accumulated years of experience both locally and internationally (Australia and Malaysia) in diagnosing and treating animal related illnesses as well as performing surgeries. She graduated from National Junior College (Singapore) and obtained her Degree in Veterinary Medicine from University of Sydney (Australia).


My Family Vet pride ourselves in giving the best possible care for our patients and clients. We strive to offer high quality, ethical and personalized care for your animals whilst giving you the peace of mind that you are getting the best advice possible. We provide emergency and house call vets in Singapore for restrictions or convenience. Additionally, alternative options and treatment are integral, providing accessible aid to your pet and preventative healthcare that will ensure all animals are offered a chance to avoid preventable diseases.

Dr Vanessa has a keen interest in dermatology, Chinese Medicine Therapies for pets and soft tissue surgeries, of which she had worked in emergency hospitals that demands competence in treating trauma lesions and correcting medical or surgical disorders. This has allowed her to gain valuable experience in caring for and treating critical patients.

Whilst we sincerely hope your pet never has a reason to visit us apart from receiving healthcare and routine check-ups, we will always be one call away if you have any queries or require any assistance regarding your pet.


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In My Family Vet, we do not euthanize animals as with treatable conditions and is only offered as a last resort if treatment is not effective, as well as to relieve poor quality of living from terminal illnesses.

It would be recommended for cases to go through our veterinarian to determine if the pet is suffering or if the condition is treatable. Before any procedures, our veterinarian will explain in detail our recommendations and help the clients make an informed decision.


We strive to offer high quality, ethical and personalized care for your animals whilst giving you the peace of mind that you are getting the best advice possible. By giving continuous veterinary education for our staff, hiring and training employees to provide our clients top-notch service and purchasing equipment and medications that further aid in giving the necessary care your pet requires, we are able to provide you the utmost care for your pet and yourself. We would only be able to do so such care if we receive prompt payment for our services and products.

Full payment would be required at the time the services and/or the items dispensed have been done. 

For your convenience, we accept Cash, NETS, VISA, MASTERCARD and PAYWAVE. All outstanding invoices would have to be paid upon discharge of hospitalized patients and completion of consultation for outpatients.

Before any procedures are performed, you will be given a cost estimate in advance. Please do not hesitate to inform us if you have any financial concern so that we would be able to provide the necessary treatment for your pet that you can afford.